solving industry pain points using data

FMCG / CPG Industry

Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) / consumer packaged goods (CPG) with limited shelf-life are heavily reliant on consumers to ‘pull’ products through industry supply chains. The rise of the digital consumer has created more products, fragmented markets and newer channels to sell. In such a consumer-driven market, effective inventory control becomes essential to stocking supply and avoiding waste of consumables.

With strong domain knowledge and expertise in the FMCG / CPG consumer space, Linear Squared deploys Deep - a forecasting solution developed to predict future market demand for each product based on historical trends, seasonality and other external variables. Deep is able to forecast sales and demand of products highly accurately at granular SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) level, leading to optimized inventory control and demand response.

By identifying optimal inventory levels for each product, Deep helps eliminate unnecessary stock buffers, increases supply chain agility, and lowers inventory costs.

Pharmaceuticals Industry

One of the largest industries in the world today, pharmaceuticals continue to grow with its share of challenges in a highly regulated market, amplified by a growing and aging population. With billions of dollars tied up in maintaining stock norms, pharmaceutical companies are compelled to hold high levels of inventory to address growing demand and lower risk of stock-outs.

By identifying the opportunity for the industry to optimize its supply chain function supported by optimal inventory management, Linear Squared introduces Deep, a forecasting solution that leverages cutting edge machine learning and AI methodologies to predict future market demand at drug level with high accuracy. Supported by inventory simulation, Deep also enables companies to identify optimal inventory levels for each drug, lowering holding costs, wastage due to expiry and releasing tied-up working capital.

This granular focus enables Deep to address pharmaceutical industry pain points such as uncertain lead times and demand volatility, holding inventory only at required levels to avoid overstock / understock scenarios.

Apparel / Ready-Made-Garment Industry

With end-consumers unlikely to tolerate increasing apparel prices, the apparel manufacturing industry is driven by demand for rapidly decreasing production cycle times and equal gains in productivity to relieve profit margin pressures. Manufacturers are continuously on the lookout for advanced technology that can reduce lead times and grow business.

By engaging with multiple leaders in the industry, Linear Squared has gained deep industrial understanding of lean apparel manufacturing to develop Capacity Squared, a specialized, AI-driven automated planning platform designed to assist apparel planners in proactively optimizing the production planning process.

Perfected in collaboration with leading apparel manufacturers in the region, Capacity Squared has been successful in enabling planners and merchandising experts to effectively adjust to factory floor contingencies with a consolidated view of organizational resources, minimizing line idle times and mapping optimal allocation levels to enhance overall plant capacity.

Retail / QSR Industries

High customer churn rates and lapsing customers are directly correlated to decreasing revenues, especially in fast-paced industries such as retail or fast food. Given the crowded nature of the retail and QSR (quick service restaurant) marketspace, many businesses are already fighting for consumer loyalty and swinging market shares based on impulse-based purchasing as opposed to brand loyalty.

Linear Squared presents a data-driven solution for businesses looking to improve customer retention with Retention Squared, a cross-sell / up-sell solution that helps reduce customer churn rates and improve average revenue per active customer by increasing frequency and volume of purchase. Leveraging the Segments of One approach, Retention Squared analyzes historical purchasing behaviour and individual preferences of each customer to estimate their next purchase date (NPD), and targets each customer with their most optimum retention offer within budgetary constraints.

Powered by AI methodologies, Retention Squared enables businesses to proactively devise targeted marketing strategies such as loyalty offers and special discounts, replacing bulk promotional campaigns with data-driven proactive strategies aimed at customer retention. Retention Squared paves way for small to medium scale businesses to compete in a highly competitive market space, while also allowing large businesses to scale intelligently.