convert your data to proactive actions

Deep Enterprise Planning Suite

Achieving optimal inventory control is a critical component for businesses to maintain lean operations and increase cash flow. Developed to forecast impact of future market dynamics, Deep analyzes multivariate data such as historical trends, seasonality and other external variables, forecasting sales and demand by SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) to the most granular level across outlets, distributors and retailers, leading to optimal inventory control and revenue forecasting with very high accuracy.

Deep also has additional complementary modules for Inventory Optimization to prevent overstock and understock scenarios, Discount Optimization to maximize profits, and What-If Analysis to reduce impact of market swings.

  • 90% Accuracy in Demand Forecasting
  • Up to 10% Reduction in Inventory Costs
  • Augmented Decision Making through Visibility of Stock
  • Multivariate Inputs
  • Scenario Comparison

Retention Squared

Shaping a potential customer into a regular, loyal consumer requires an in-depth study and analysis of customer behaviours, purchase patterns and market dynamics. Developed with a focus on customer retention, Retention Squared helps reduce customer churn rates by enabling product cross selling, upselling and targeted marketing based on behavioural and purchasing patterns of each individual consumer (Segments of One).

With proven use cases in fast-paced industries such as retail, quick-service restaurants (QSR) and telco, Retention Squared complements proactive business strategies such as loyalty programs and promotional campaigns, predicting consumer purchase patterns to increase frequency and volume of purchases.

  • 15% Increase in Lapsed-to-Active Customer Conversion
  • 10% Growth in Average Revenue per Active Customer
  • Maximum ROI through Optimum Retention Offer Allocation
  • Operates within Budgetary Constraints
  • Harnesses the Power of Segments of One

Capacity Squared

Rising competition across the global apparel industry has put manufacturers under constant pressure to improve production capacity. Developed in collaboration with industry-leading planners and merchandising experts, Capacity Squared is an AI-driven, automated planning platform that aids planners to proactively generate optimal production plans that will adapt to factory floor contingencies, enhancing plant capacity and efficiency, leading to shorter production cycles, increased production volumes and higher profit margins.

Customizable to any plant size, line capacity and manufacturing complexity, Capacity Squared allows the integration of schedules across multiple sewing lines, production floors and manufacturing facilities.

  • 20% Enhancement in Plant Capacity
  • 99.5% Allocation Efficiency Gains
  • 5 Minute Planning Time
  • AI-Powered Planning Engine
  • Reliable and Secure